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Identity & Access Management

Secure your Business

In large corporate IT environments obtaining the control and overview of thousands of internal or external users, with access to a multitude of systems and applications, is not a simple task. Surveys show that up to 90% of users have unauthorized access to confidential business data. As such, employees are considered the most likely source of corporate security breaches – whether they happen deliberately or unintentionally. Consequently, an identity and access management system are a prerequisite for securing businesses against security breaches and leaks of business-critical data.

Security Challenges

  • 45% of employees leaving the enterprise typically do not have all access rights removed promptly
  • Enterprise-wide transparency of access rights is unavailable
  • ‘Least privilege’ principle is often not implemented
  • Monitoring toxic combinations of accumulated access rights is difficult
  • Failure to control separation of duty (SoD) may lead to fraud and financial losses
  • Complex and insecure authentication of users for password resets
  • Integrating cloud technologies with older, on-premises systems and centrally managing governance of IT resources
  • Controlling compliance costs associated with deploying flexible and scalable cloud-based identity governance
  • Demonstrating compliance with a growing number of regulatory requirements, including new data privacy rules in the European Union

Majestic IT IAM Offerings (Identity and Access Management)

Majestic IT provides a ready to use, integrated, secure, end-to-end IAG offering including Identity Management, Access Management, Entitlement Management and SSO; built on leading Identity and Access Governance products using industry standards & best practices with configurable modules. Majestic IT solution accelerators along with an experienced team that has implemented several large IAM projects, enable customers to rollout IAM solutions with optimized time and cost. These services also include consulting, implementation and support services for Identity Governance, Access Management, Privileged Access Management and Consumer IDAM.

  • Identity Governance: User provisioning/de-provisioning, automated access certification and remediation, segregation of duties, password self-service, Comprehensive Reporting
  • Access Management: Web Single-Sign-On, ESSO, Federation, Risk-based authentication, Multi-factor authentication, Context based authentication and Entitlement management
  • Privileged Access Management: Password management and rotation for critical assets, Privileged session management, Embedded Credential Management, Least Privilege Management, End point privilege management
  • Consumer IDAM: Customer registration, Self Service Account Management, Self Service Account management, Consent and Preference Management and Directory Services Tools – SailPoint, RSA, IBM, Oracle and Courion

Sailpoint Identityiq

Solution for Everything Identity in The Enterprise

SailPoint’s IdentityIQ is an identity and access management (IAM) solution for organizations who desire an on-premise deployment. With the help of IdentityIQ, you can utilize a wide array of IAM processes. Manage passwords, access request and provisioning, policies, and access certifications through this powerful solution to maintain a high level of control over your business. With out-of-the-box integration to a large variety of applications, you can effectively implement IdentityIQ into your current systems, whether they be running in the datacentre or the cloud.

SailPoint’s IdentityIQ can be tailored to best fit your organization’s needs, offering a long list of features and multiple implementation pathways. Uniquely, IdentityIQ provides the option of a staged on-ramp to the cloud. Users can acquire the on-premise solution they need today, while future-proofing their investment with the additional functionality of converting to IAM-as-a-service (IDaaS).