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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Transformation through Intelligent Automation

In today’s technology-driven environment, every organization needs digital automation to stay ahead of the competition and RPA is a step towards achieving this. RPA aims to automate high volume, routine, mundane and repetitive human tasks by the use of a digital workforce – a scalable and reliable swarm of trained software robots. Majestic IT’s Robotic Process Automation offerings allow the business to gain measurable results through lowered costs and increased revenues. With deep subject matter expertise and industry focus, Majestic IT is positioned to deliver our clients' innovative solutions through RPA.

Some of the things to consider when evaluating the organization’s readiness to RPA are:
  • Minimize time spent on repetitive tasks thus boosting employee productivity and energy.
  • Processing errors reduction
  • Provide more consistent and responsive customer service.
  • Integrate existing applications and systems without creating custom APIs or using expensive integration software.

RPA Service Offerings:

It doesn’t matter which stage of the automation journey you’re in; our RPA experts will help develop a tailored RPA strategy for your organization that will ensure you can reap the benefits of RPA quickly. Overview of our RPA services include:

Proof of Value Assessment

Majestic IT helps clients with a rapid Value Assessment for better understanding of how RPA could fit into their operations, and what processes or activities that are with the most ROI to consider.

  • Fit Assessments
  • Overall RPA strategy
  • Governance model
  • Readiness of infrastructure, security
  • Vendor Selection
  • Support / Maintenance model (In-House / AMS)
  • Deployment / Roll-out plan

Proof of Concept

The purpose of “proof of concept” is to show how quickly we can incorporate the BOTS into one of the processes previously identified in the Fit-Gap Analysis using

  • Sandbox implementation
  • Rapid development
  • Testing


We design and develop BOTS using AI, ML and cognitive services for process automation. We are experts in implanting advanced RPA solutions and can support through the entire implementation lifecycle.

  • Iterative Requirement Analysis
  • BOT Configuration
  • Process modelling
  • RPA coding and implementation
  • RPA testing
  • Roll-out Validation

Support and Management

Majestic IT offers AMS (Application Management Services) where we take the complete ownership of your robotic process execution, including infrastructure and system support

  • BOT Management
  • BOT Monitoring
  • BOT Optimization
  • Risk Management
  • Opportunity Discovery
  • Continuous improvement

Knowledge Hub / RPA Capability Building

Our RPA solution experts with their domain expertise coupled with RPA tool knowledge can guide organization with:

  • Best Practices
  • Change Management
  • Process documentation
  • RPA developer training and mentoring
  • RPA certification for developers
  • Design of internal Centre of Excellence

Key Advantages Of Our Solutions

The true power of automation is in connecting the task automation with other processes, workflows and business rules within the organization. Over the years of working in the RPA technology gave Majestic IT an opportunity to come up with its own process and some accelerators/templates to gain competitive advantage.

  • MT RAF (Rapid Automation Framework) Advanced technology solutions to maintain generic bots( simple, medium com-plex) which can fit to automate business process more quickly and readily.
  • MT RPA – AIF (RPA with AI Framework) Robotic solution with operational and virtual agent capabilities for bot execution.
  • Testing and Dev-Ops Accelerators
  • Custom Pre-built templates
  • Certified Team
  • RPA Center of Excellence
  • End-to-end RPA Roadmaps
  • RPA Tools & Vendor Selection
  • Cognitive Automation

Our Delivery Strategy

Majestic IT approach to RPA delivery strategy addresses the core elements of IT throughout the development process. Our strategy is built upon a proven framework, which follows a five-step process to help companies achieve the right results for their business. There are several key factors in executing a successful RPA project and following our approach will make sure those factors are addressed efficiently and allows for the following benefits to be achieved.

  • Greater compliance

  • Reduced operational costs

  • Improved productivity and efficiency

  • Focus on more stimulating tasks

  • Higher accuracy and quality

  • Comprehensive insights

  • Reduced response times

What We Delivered

Cash flow Automation

Purchase order details from PDF are entered into SAP manually making the process time consuming with an average of 15 mins for each process to update in SAP. Using RPA bots, significant time savings as well as error reduction achieved.

MES Integration

Using RPA, the processing of numerous highly complex and manual container transactions from Camstar MES processes is streamlined to reduce manual effort, increase accuracy and speed up the transaction processing.

Purchase Order Update

PO + AI - RPA Bots complete the tasks of updating Purchase Order details accurately and efficiently with the added convenience of managing Bot through voice or one click instructions.

RPA Tools We Leverage

We have the expertise in several of the RPA tools available in the market and leverage a combination of open source tools that are enterprise ready. With a strong focus on using emerging technology capabilities like AI, ML, AR, and VR along with RPA tools our expert consultants create next-gen smarter bots that can make an informed decision for you. Majestic IT is a Silver partner with UiPath and we are expanding the partnerships with other RPA tool vendors as well.