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Cloud Migration Advisory Services

One knows that cloud computing is the way of the future. Maybe you've even chosen a cloud platform. But you might not have the knowledge necessary to comprehend the difficulties of migration and the most effective ways to reduce risks. MIT's Migration Advisory Services are provided for this reason. We are here to assist you in comprehending the steps involved in transferring your vital applications to the cloud and reaping the benefits of cloud computing's efficiencies.

The information required to move your apps to the cloud effectively and successfully is provided by the Assessment and Planning services. While they can be readily combined to form an effective whole, each service offers distinct deliverables and can also be accessed independently.

Migration Readiness Planning

MIT provides Migration Readiness Planning to mitigate the costs and risks of your critical move to the Cloud.

Readiness has three core components:

  • The Migration Plan
  • A Cost Estimate
  • An Operating Model